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The opening song from The Marshall Mathers LP. A lyrical tirade against Kim, Debbie Mathers, and women in general (also a warning to other rappers, girlish men that they are…) The call-and-response part after the hook is a highlight of any given Eminem concert. Em wrote in Angry Blonde: What happened with ‘’Kill You’‘ was I came off the European tour in October of 99 and I called Dre and I told him that I needed some new tracks. He just happened to be going through some when I called. I remember saying ’‘I ain’t really got no new tracks, but I’m trying to work on some new shit today’‘. Meanwhile, there was a track playing in the background. I asked ’‘What’s that?’‘ He responded ’‘What’s what? You mean this?’‘ and he puts the phone to the speaker and it was the ’‘Kill You’‘ beat. I told him ’‘Send me that shit’‘ He was really suprised. ’‘You want this? This is some little shit we fuckin’ with’‘. I said ’‘Whatever send me that. I….will….kill….that….track’‘. He sent it to me the next day and I wrote the song. I recorded it weeks later when I started recording The Marshall Mathers album. The first thing I came up with was the hook: ’‘You don’t….wanna fuck with Shady….Cause Shady….Will fucking kill you’‘. I wanted to start the album with that song because everybody in the press was like ’‘what’s he gonna rap about? He’s not miserable anymore. He can’t rap about being broke no more, he can’t rhyme about his pain and misery cause he’s got money’‘. That’s why I started it up with that line ’‘They say I can’t rap about being broke no more, they ain’t say I can’t rap about coke no more’‘. That right there gives you an idea of what the albums all about. The song is ridiculous. The whole hook is basically bashing women. Like ’‘ I’ll kill you even if you’re a fuckin’ girl’‘. I kill bitches, I kill anybody, then at the end of the song I say ’‘ I’m just kidding, ladies. You know I love you’‘. It’s kind of like you could say whatever you want as long as you say you’re joking at the end. Which is cool cause that’s what I do. It’s funny cause people think that song is about my mother, all because of the first couple of lines. When I say ’‘When I was just a little baby boy’‘ and when I say ’‘Oh now he’s raping his own mother’‘. After that the references just stop. The whole idea of this song was to say some of the most fucked-up shit. Just to let people know that I’m back. That I didn’t lose it. That I wasn’t compromising nothing and I didn’t change. If anything…I got worse


what doesn’t kill you doesn’t kill you


中の犬 │画像にひとこと付けて遊ぶサービス『ひとこと!』


中の犬 │画像にひとこと付けて遊ぶサービス『ひとこと!』